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Implementation Timeline

OHIT began implementing SHARE in a series of phases, according to federal guidelines, to help health care providers meet electronic health records "meaningful use" requirements in small steps.

2012 - Phase I: Secure Messaging

Phase I involved setting up Secure Messaging—a secure email environment that allows health care providers to send and receive encrypted emails containing patient health records. Secure Messaging replaces unsecure faxing in instances where, for example, a primary care physician refers a patient to a specialist and needs to transfer the patient's health record to the specialist.

2013 - Phase II: SHARE Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Phase II, which is currently being implemented, is the development of a robust health information exchange (HIE). Participating providers connect their electronic medical record system (EMR) to SHARE and push their patient health data to their patient's "master" health record. As more and more providers join SHARE and contribute their pieces of patient health records to SHARE, holistic patient health histories will emerge and be available to treating providers when they need it.

The Arkansas Office of Health Information Technology is working to get hospitals, health departments, provider practices and other health care professionals connected to and exchanging patient health information through the HIE.

The Future

Phase III will involve the development of the following optional capabilities:

  1. Immunization Registry Gateway
  2. Public Health Gateway
  3. Patient Health Record Gateway
  4. Orders Gateway
  5. Rx / SureScripts Gateway
  6. Payer Gateway
  7. Image Gateway
  8. Interoperability Gateway



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